Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Virtual Library Branch - Thing #10

I've used NetLibrary in a former life. Titles listed there are older. Have used North Suburban Library Consortium more often, more recently - site itself is more appealing somehow. Have downloaded audio books to an mp3 player and downloaded ebooks to my computer. I must confess I don't listen to audio books, so it's not something I do everyday. I'm much more inclined to listen to music. I''m hoping this technology will soon be outdated since it still seems that there are too many steps in these programs. But the fact that you can burn some of the audio books to your own CDs is pretty amazing.

The libray's website is wonderful....keeps growing and growing, which is good, but can also be a drawback because I'm not sure every patron is aware of all we have to offer. Some of the services/possibilities are hidden and only known to the staff. It's a great direction we're going in to make more and more community members able to contribute to things such as SkokieTalk, etc. I anticipate the IM chat will be implemented in more areas and be displayed more prominently on the webpage. It seems book discussions would really lend themselves to some kind of online participation.

In general, I enjoyed learning about the 10 Things and appreciate the opportunity to spend time utilizing them. I feel the whole project will serve as a reference point of departure for using these skills all the time. I am now addicted to the feeds and podcasts and will use google tools.

Thanks to the 10Things Team for developing this program and being so graciously helpful throughout the process.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Thing #9 Online Productivity

I played around with google docs and created just a text document with a friend and we both edited and revised it. That collaboration was fun.....can see it being very useful in a work environment as well as a community environment, such as SkokieTalk. May try out some other tools, but not ready to go mobile. Don't want to use my cell phone any more than I have to!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Thing #8 Wikis

I've been using wikis with discretion for a long time. They're good for a first stopping place and over the years they come up no matter what topic you're searching for in google. I thought about the "radical trust" definition and have read some of the recent articles in The New Yorker about this global body of knowledge that's being created. It's mind boggling to contemplate.
I posted to the vacation spot list, added my blog, and looked at "eventful" - wasn't aware of this site.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Thing #7 Podcasts

This was fun.
I subscribed to Great Speeches in History from Learn Out Loud. How many times has someone come in asking for a speech and you scamble to find a compilation audio or cd with a speech on it and it's missing or checked out. Now, you can find it immediately on this site.
I also signed up for two from Podcast Alley: a BBC radio news feed and for fun and/or being on top of things at the AV desk - NextBigThing, for a tour of music you don't hear on the radio, etc.

Thing #6 Social Bookmarking

I've seen delicious before and can see how it will be useful both personally and professionally. I posted a quotation website to the staffpicks, thinking how many zillions of quotation sites there are. So, yes, it would be nice to have something like the most comprehensive quotation sites culled in one place.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thing #5 Flickr

I'm no photographer, but I enjoyed the process and can see myself doing more of this.

Biblio Blogarama 'Mobile

Biblio Blogarama 'Mobile
Biblio Blogarama 'Mobile,
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The crazy car I tool around in. Although a patron told me it's time for a new car, I have many more miles to go.